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DAKK - 7/25/21

I want to kick off this blog with something I wrote for Arya, a passage from my current literary project entitled, The Earth Council.

The day before he was to be seated as chair of the Earth Council, he sat with his daughter on his lap and stared into her eyes where he could see colliding into one the infinite echoes of generations past and future. The fates and stories of countless lives echoing in a wonderous crescendo. He could actually hear it. It was at once a deep bass guttural reverberation and high like the pull at the nape of the neck one might feel accelerating in a convertible with the top down on a brisk night. The sound was interrupted by what can only be described as a gruesome fart from the child of a volume and fluidity not conceivable from something so cute and minute. Yet, it was always the perfect foil to his tendency for the dramatic existential thoughts.

The Earth Council, Chapter 1.

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